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Subject:9-11 Commission Rollout
Time:03:32 pm
We made it!

The report has held at #1 on Amazon.com for almost 24 hours

100,000 copies of the report were sold over the counter yesterday alone

50 million visitors to the Commission�s website yesterday alone

And, if you want to get a sense of the headlines in 343 newspapers across the country and around the globe...

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post said this morning, "If there was a show on TV that the Commissioners didn't hit, I missed it."

But it's not over yet... I am also the speaking platforms slave...
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Subject:Sanding the Keyboard
Time:12:29 pm
The matte keys on my black keyboard have now turned smooth and shiny due to overuse.
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Subject:Consistency is Key
Time:01:47 pm
So I'm sitting here at work eating my Potbelly's sandwich -- this time it's turkey, I thought to go healthy, but what's the difference between a few thin slices of deli meat... It's just peace of mind, I guess, and what was the line? Believing is seeing. That's right.

I love Potbelly's sandwiches because the outside is toasted golden and crispy -- it passes the sound test and the crumb test, resulting in crunchy bites and little specks of brown, yellow, and white all over your desk, in between your keys, and on your lap. But the inside -- the inside is chewy, you can almost TASTE the dough. Oooh, ooh Bread, you're so good, you're so good, I taste the dough in you, it's like seeing the child in you...

What is it about contrast in consistency that makes things so attractive? Bread with a crispy surface and chewy interior. Oily food and kimchi. Soup and oyster crackers. Smooth and hard arms... ice cubes and sweltering moments... Ahem.

I notice that good cooks know how to take advantage of contrasting consistencies to make their food taste that much better -- texture, taste, and temperature. I wonder if that's what God does to add the spice to our life, so we become yummier.

Consistency is key. And contrast in consistency is more.
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Subject:In search of K
Time:11:02 am
My entire life, or at least as of recent, I've been giving excuses here and there, this way and that way, to convince myself that I'll just be OK if I can find just one constant in my life that will ground me forever, rescue me from my nomadic state and instill in me a rush of peace and unnoticed complacency...

The only constant in life is change.

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Time:12:54 pm
Hot off the press.
And in response to this, the quote of the day goes to my friend in LA:
"those joong dong fucking animals think they are in an arnold schwartzenegger movie"

Al Qaeda Originally Envisioned Plot With 10 Jets
9/11 Panel Finds No Collaboration Between Iraq, Al Qaeda

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 16, 2004; 11:15 AM

The terrorist attacks carried out on Sept. 11, 2001, were originally envisioned as an even more spectacular assault involving 10 jetliners on the east and west coasts, but the plan was scaled back and was nearly derailed on several occasions by setbacks and squabbling among senior al Qaeda officials, according to a new report released this morning.

The date for the attacks was uncertain until weeks before they were carried out, and there is evidence as late as Sept. 9, 2001, that ringleader Mohamed Atta had not decided whether the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania would target the U.S. Capitol or the White House, according to the report, which was issued by the independent commission probing the Sept. 11 attacks. One of the hijacking pilots apparently came close to abandoning the plot altogether, the panel found.

In an overview of al Qaeda released in a separate report earlier this morning, the commission also found "no credible evidence" that al Qaeda collaborated with Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq on the Sept. 11 strikes or any other attacks on the United States. That finding comes in the wake of statements Monday by Vice President Cheney that Iraq had "long-established ties" with al Qaeda, and comments by President Bush yesterday backing up that assertion.
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Subject:Crime Prevention
Time:03:25 pm
I just took a Crime Prevention seminar at my company and it was really, really helpful and I learned alot of things that I didn't know (and I thought I was pretty smart about things like that too, but I was wrong!). I realize that many things are overlooked especially when we are not thinking straight and in panic. This information hopefully will not be needed but it helps to at least read this and be aware of what to do in such unfathomable situations; sometimes, even two seconds is too late when you are thinking about what moves you should make when in danger.

The VP of Live Safe America came to speak and he shared with us some really invaluable safety tips:

-- The company designates a place for employees to run when there is a fire. But not when you're being chased by a guy in a ski mask (in the last month in downtown DC alone there have been three cases where women were killed/raped/hurt near their workstations while working late in the office, even in "safe" offices, hospitals, or institutions with Castle Keys and other security keys). Find out where you would run to in this scenario and make mental note.

-- If you hear shooting in your hallway and you are at a workstation or even in the office, get underneath your desk and dial 911 and leave the receiver off. Do not use your cell phone; take the phone off your desk and bring it under the desk with you (911 can only detect your location when you are calling from a land line)

-- Most of us walk to the back of the elevator and face forward. When in the elevator alone, do not stand in the back, but stand next to where the elevator floor buttons are.
-- If you are attacked or in danger, do not press the big red alarm or emergency button. This will stop the elevator with you alone with the stranger. Instead, hit all the floor buttons in the elevator so it stops at every floor, and when the door opens every time, yell "FIRE"

-- Always have your keys ready before approaching your car
-- Always check the back seat of your car before entering your car
-- Always be aware of your surroundings. When approaching your car, walk past it first so any onlooking suspects cannot target your car. When the coast is clear, then go back and open your car door.
-- If you realize that someone is already in your car only after you are inside and turning on the engine, and he has a knife/gun to your back asking you to drive, 1) drive slowly to the nearest area with traffic (not in P2 or P3 where nobody can see you) and then 2) drive your car into a tree/telephone pole (you only need to go at 5m/hr to cause damage. The attention you get will cause others to call 911. You can try to get out of the car and run instead if you are confident that you can do so quickly and in control -- a schoolteacher in Silver Spring MD in the parking lot of her school was shot in the face twice while she was trying to escape b/c her hands were shaking so much she could not take off her seat belt while trying to escape. Do not just drive -- you only have a 20% chance of coming back.
-- When you are talking on your cellular phone for a long amount of time, get out of your car and into the passenger seat and lock the doors. Usually this makes a person think there is a driver who has yet to return back to the car. Of course, take out the keys.
-- Do not leave things in the back seat of your car. You may think this is a no-brainer when it comes to valuables. However, even if it's gloves, scarves, coats, keep them hidden or in the trunk. To a homeless person, that is warmth, and they can easily break in.
-- If someone puts a gun to your head from outside and asks you to step out of your car, give him the car. If you have a baby in the back seat, do not let this make you hesitate to step out. Most parents hesitate to protect their children and this gets them killed. More than 70% of the time they will let you step out AND take your child as kidnapping is an additional 7+ years to jailtime.

-- If you think someone is following you, cross the street and see if they cross too
-- If you are being followed and most definitely in danger, run to the nearest apartment/house, bang on the door, and yell "FIRE" at the top of your lungs. DO NOT say anything along the lines of "someone help me" etc. b/c statistics show that many times the resident will likely not open your door; they will do the opposite and double bolt their door and keep themselves out of danger
-- If you are bothered in a bus/subway, do not get off to the platform. They will simply follow you out. Rather, yell at the top of your lungs and draw attention.
-- If you are approached on the street/in danger of being assaulted, balance yourself, put one foot behind the other and reach out and spread your weak hand in front of his face, and yell 'NO GET BACK.' This will obscure his vision. He will most likely grab your wrist at this time, and then you should proceed to attempt to use the heel of your strong hand and hit the bottom of his nose. It only takes 20 lbs of force to break a nose with the heel of your hand.

1) breathe
2) turn your chin towards his elbow, thus allowing air to still flow through instead of blocking your trachea
3) grab his pinky; reach behind and twist his testicles the opposite direction of forc. This will cause him to let go automatically.
IF SOMEONE HAS A GUN TO YOUR BACK IN A PUBLIC AREA and whispers for you to follow, do not follow. Joyce Chang from the INS did exactly this at the Starbucks in Dupont Circle in DC after her boyfriend dropped her off 12 steps in front of the shop. There were 150 people around and nobody saw or heard a thing b/c she just followed orders. They later found her dead body + her personal information. Instead, yell "OH MY GOD I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK" and fall to the floor in canonball position (head/arms/legs tucked in). Canonball position is imperative as this makes it impossible for you to be carried with no limbs to grab onto. It will also draw attention. If you are afraid that they will shoot you, it is said that if you shut up and follow they will shoot you anyway, as the statistics are 20% for survival. Also, it's harder to shoot someone in a public place.

Also, the going rate nowadays to not be harassed when asked for your money is $20. It is strongly suggested that you go to the Dollar Store and buy a second wallet, fill it in with old membership cards/useless IDs/pictures/old credit cards and $20. When you are approached for your money, give them your wallet and run.

Pass this along to your friends and loved ones -- knowing helps!
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Subject:Arbor Day
Time:09:53 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Today's Arbor Day in Korea, another one of Korea's many national holidays where we can sit and reflect on our ancestors and how there were no trees during the war. It may be time for me to plant my own tree. Hmm. Ok that didn't make much sense.
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Time:06:13 pm
I'm moving back to Washington.
Next Thursday.
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Time:03:29 pm
Current Mood:highhigh
The new 2004 V-Rod VRSCA. Available in Vivid Black, Impact Blue, Lava Red Sunglo, Two-Tone Luxury Teal and Brilliant Silver, and Two-Tone Smokey Gold and Vivid Black. 17.7k a pop...


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Subject:What kind of Sexy are you?
Time:10:47 am
Take the What kind of Sexy are you? test at emode.com and find out what kind of "sexy" you are.

"Shy 'n' Sexy
When it comes to sex appeal, you have it -- and you know it. It's just that you hold it back until you're more secure with the person of your affections. Were you the kind of kid who was nervous about the first day of school even though you knew you were smart enough to compete?

Let's face it, you probably know what you're great at, it's just getting over that initial bump of meeting someone new, getting used to them, and warming up to a situation that gives people the impression you might be a little more tame than others. But look out. Because when you reach your comfort level, you're in the zone.

Your lovers are the lucky ones because they're the only people who really know what lies beneath your timid exterior. Sure you might shy away from steamy looks in public. But get you behind closed doors and you're ready to unleash your true sexual powers. You may be shy, but you know how to hook and reel 'em in."

I didn't realize I was that shy ... perhaps I am
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[icon] Theresa's Journal
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